Microinjection (ICSI) or Micro Insemination


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Microinjection (ICSI) or Micro Insemination

Microinjection (ICSI) or Micro Insemination

Micro insemination is often abbreviated to ICSI, which means Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection.  With ICSI one single sperm cell is injected directly into the eggs individually, this is performed under a special microscope. The process of fertilization is what differentiates micro insemination from the regular IVF treatment.  We offer this procedure to all of our patients.

Who Are Eligible for Microinjection

Very low sperm count, motility or percentage of normal sperm (morphology):

These problems may be present separately or all together. This procedure can also be applied in cases where sperm quality is sufficient for the conventional in vitro fertilization.

Sperm antibodies:

In some cases, release of agents called antibodies and produced against the sperm cells in female body can be observed. Antibodies prevent the sperm cells to fertilize the egg cell. In such cases, according to the antibody quantity, microinjection treatment can be considered as the first choice.

In summary ICSI is usually offered in cases when:

  • Where the man has few live sperm cells
  • If the sperm is extracted from the testicles (TESA)
  • Existence of Sperm Antibodies
  • When very few or no eggs have been fertilized by conventional IVF


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