Main Reason for IVF Failure


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Main Reason for IVF Failure

Main Reason for IVF Failure

IVF is a great treatment option for many of couples. However, IVF doesn’t always work. At least, not on the first try. There are many couples out there that have to go through more than one cycle of IVF before getting pregnant.

The main reasons for IVF failure are:

  • Female age
  • Poor ovarian response
  • Poor embryo quality
  • Implantation challenges

Female Age: The likelihood of getting pregnant as you get older decreases over time. Since each woman is born with a certain number of eggs, as you age, you use those eggs up.

Embryo Quality: Embryo quality can be another contributing factor to IVF failure.  Embryos might have genetic or chromosomal abnormalities that can make them too weak to work for IVF. And there are quite a few things that can contribute to embryo quality which can eventually lead to IVF failure.

Ovarian Response: Sometimes a woman’s ovaries just do not respond properly to the IVF medications that try to get the ovaries to produce multiple follicles or oocytes.

Implantation Issues: Implantation issues are probably the most common reason that IVF treatment fails. Most of the time when implantation issues occurs it is simply because the embryo stops growing.



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