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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

To mediate delivering in health field the information that is a supreme value to the human being that is the most valuable asset,

To provide diagnosis, treatment and care services in world standards and to the extent of our possibilities, jocundly, within the framework of Laws and Regulations,

To ensure satisfaction of our patients by meeting expectations and needs completely during all the service period,

To integrate the policy of outstanding quality with reasonable prices in services with an approach based on patient satisfaction,

Offering honest, good quality and affordable health services without ever betraying the trust that our patients and their relations have in us,

Being aware that our employees are valuable assets and support them through training events and enable them in continuous improvement processes,

Monitoring technological innovations, scientific and managerial developments constantly and offer our patients’ services,

To follow up developments in the sector closely in line with consciousness of the task we shoulder continuously and improve the service quality,

To raise the levels of professional knowledge and skills of the human resources, which is the most important and strategic element of the service sector, through training,

To follow up and implement the latest innovations in Treatment Methods,

To realize radical changes in the field of health and doing our part in our country and for its development and to be a model example of an IVF center become a role model in every aspect,

By taking the inner peace, trust, mutual respect to forefront and promoting teamwork to increase happiness our patients and employees, our Quality policy is this …


Fatih Öğüç